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The following information is provided as a cut-and-paste resource for conference organisers, media professionals, podcast hosts, and other interested parties.

Please feel free to use anything here as-is without checking with PCA first. If you have additional questions, email Brad Poynting, our Principal Consultant directly. At present, Brad is the only person that is approved to speak on behalf of PCA.

Short Bio

Brad is a tenacious advocate for the wellbeing of children and young people. From working in front-line child protection in Queensland to developing child safeguarding frameworks for some of the largest providers of Early Education in Australia. Brad is on a mission to prevent children and young people from experiencing abuse and neglect.

Facts about Brad

  • Brad is the husband to a wonderfully talented and supportive wife and father to an amazing primary school age child.

  • Brad competed in the first ever Obstacle Race in Australia and in the first ever Australia’s Toughest Mudder - an 8 hour endurance event starting at Midnight, in late Autumn in South East Queensland - Brad completed 40km (25mi).

  • Brad was instrumental in the creation of, and appointment to, the first internal, dedicated, full-time child, safeguarding position in an early education provider in Australia.

  • Brad first realised his ability to positively impact the wellbeing of children and young people at age 17, during his first year of uni. Brad supplied a copy of an assignment to his former high school in which he analysed their Bullying Response Policy and was later asked to review their new Bullying Response Policy which had implemented the recommendations of his assignment.

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